Susan G. Komen Cleveland walk for the cure

Mark (my brother from Montana) and my cousin Jimmy from NY
A rare visit during the 42 days at UH.  

AA Sound & Lighting is proudly supporting a team for the 60 mile walk in Cleveland at the end of July 2011.   My name is Jodi and I am the Operations Manger for AA Sound & Lighting.  My Mother was diagnosed with Leukemia on September 1, 2010 and I had made the decision prior to that diagnosis to “Walk for the Cure” for Breast Cancer.   The walk is 60 miles over 3 days in Cleveland, OH at the end of July.   I decided to walk for the cure for a number of reasons:  1: for the many friends that have been touched by breast cancer (I lost one of my best friends when I was 27, she was 25)  2: for my two beautiful daughters, I would love for a cure to be found in their lifetime and 3:  after watching the horror of the treatment with my Mother….I would love to find a cure so NO ONE would ever have to go through it again.   I  joined to walk by myself and was fortunate enough to have three other ladies sign up to walk with me.     

 Our team name is Ooey Gooey.  If you would like to donate, please go to and search “Ooey Gooey”.    From there…just follow the directions.   We have to each raise $2,300 just to be able to walk.  So, if you would like to donate, we would appreciate it!

We, as a team, would like to give a special  “Thank you”  to AA Sound & Lighting for supporting us!


Jodi Workman

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