Louis and Freda Stile Athletics Field House Sound System

AA Sound won the bid for the University of Akron to install a flown loud speaker array and to install a PA to address the bleachers in the Louis and Freda Stile Athletics Field House. The success of this installation was dependent on careful planning and thrifty costing to get the install implemented and troubleshot in a 1 week time frame.

The 895 lb array consisted of 16 EV XLD 281/291 loudspeakers.  The full arraay is capable of driving 12,000 watts of power which we hoisted with a 1 ton CM Loadstar lift motor. We understand that these loudspeakers will be used to simulate crowd noise for when the Zips participate in bigger games. We ran 3000’ total of 12 West Penn 227 12GA single pair lines to feed this beastly loudspeaker array.

The rigging used to hang the drivers from the steel girders consisted of steel aircraft cable with a safety ratio of 6:1. The driver enclosures have two rear integrated hinge points to control the angles from 0-10 degrees on each enclosure. The first enclosure starts at a 2 degree down tilt and the final enclosure ends up at 80 degrees.

We also installed a PA system installed to address the bleachers. We mounted 6 EV ZX3-PI-W loudspeakers with total power handling of 4800 watts. They’re fed with 4 250’ runs of West Penn 227.

We made use of the EV Netmax system controller for sound processing. We installed 2 user controlled wall plates allowing for volume control and zone selection. We also feed the PA system with a microphone from the athletic director’s office emergency paging and announcements.

The whole system receives inputs from 2 handheld wireless microphones, 2 hard wired microphones, a CD player iPod interface and 1 auxiliary input.



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